6 Weeks, 6 Projects

My approach to building interesting things fast and iteratively

I have a lot of project ideas and I’ve been looking for an efficient way to quickly validate them. I’m experimenting with building a new project every week for the next 6 weeks. At the end of every week, I’ll make a short demo video on my YouTube channel. I’ll also be sharing regular updates on my twitter.

Of course, I can't build something complex in just a week, but the goal is to build the smallest, helpful version of the project with as much polish as possible (given the short time). All the projects are going to be open-source so people can continue to use and build on top of them.

I want to focus on building small utilities. In most cases, self-hosted or I can host them but avoid storing user data. This is to give me flexibility and help me focus on the engineering. Here are the ideas I have in mind right now.


  • A web app for managing network and connections
  • Flexible Resume builder (With diverse templates)
  • AI exam assistant - upload PDF, get quizzed based on the PDF
  • Time tracking and roadmap tool for indie hackers
  • Not decided
  • Not decided

Tech Stack

Nothing very complex tbh. I just want to focus on building

  • React, Typescript & Vite (not sure of next.js for now)
  • shadcn.ui & tailwindcss for UI
  • Framer motion (for animations)
  • React query for request caching
  • React hook form for form handling
  • Tanstack table for tables
  • Tanstack router for routing
  • Github, Figma, Vercel for workflow

The best way to follow up with my progress is by subscribing to my YouTube Channel. Cheers 🥂