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2019-07-01Updates3 min read

My first article on the internet was written on 7th August, 2017. That's been one of my boldest steps. Gosh! I knew nothing about anything. That was 2 years ago. I was 19, had just bought my first computer, and was learning HTML.

Why I Write

I write out of excitement. Moving from knowing nothing about computers to learning to program them is mindblowing for me. I also like to think out loud and make new friends in the process.

Today, when I look back at those articles, I imagine how naive I was (still am). But it turns naivety is good business. I knew nothing about what I didn't know and that made me excited by what I learned. That's great energy.

I've written a lot since then. I wrote about a hundred articles between 2018/2019, I also became a top writer in Design on Medium (Not anymore) and wrote a few stuff that went viral. I liked Medium. It was intentionally designed to make you love writing. This was part of my goals for 2018; to become a better communicator.

Until they did what all businesses at some point do; Monetize. This is a great thing for them and everyone who writes for money? But not me.

If they wrote it for money, don't buy it.-Naval

So this blog is my attempt to document the things I learn, in my own place. Where I and I alone have all the rights to my content and people can read them freely.

You can't build an empire on rented land. -John Battelle

What I'll be writing about.

I'll be specifically writing about Product/UX Design and modern Web Development.

Engineering and Design are inseparable for me. I understand this might alienate my audience a bit, but I'll try my best to provide enough context where I do. I also hope to put it in the minds of my readers that they aren't seperate worlds. Designers need to think about engineering and good engineers care about the user experience.

I get the most value by immersive learning. For the next 3 months, (July, August, Sept 2019), I'll be focusing on learning about Progressive Web Applications specifically, how they'll mostly benefit the Next Billion Users. As a designer, this is not too natural for me, but PWAs are a game changer for the way people experience the web.

I learn a lot about life every day, but I'll try to keep the personal stuff away for now.

What about the old articles?

After giving a lot of thoughts to my old articles, I've decided to leave them on Medium. I like to think of this blog as a new world and I'd love it to stay that way till I change my mind.

I've been reluctant to implement comments, I'd rather not. I'm thinking of other ways to enable people point out errors and give their opinions. These are very important to my learning process. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter if you know of a way.

NB: This blog is still a work in progress.

Thanks for readingšŸ˜Š.