Learning Algorithms & Data Structures

I reached out to a recruiter last week. He was kind enough to listen to me and it turns out he liked my work (or was just trying to be helpful). He quickly setup some automated codility algorithm tests to see how well I matched. You don't want to know what happened next.

I blew it up 💥

I blew it up like my life depended on how well I blew it up.

I didn't directly blow it up although. This was my first experience with algorithms so I thought I'd try a demo first.

I got 20 mins to solve an algorithm and I didn't even get a 1/100 chance of getting it correctly. I tried the same question again for another 20 mins. Still didn't come close. THIS WAS A DEMO.

I felt really bad about it. I still do. I've thought about it, if algorithms and data structures are going to be the problem, then I have to solve them.

My plans to learn DSAs

  • Practice
  • Practice
  • Practice

I honestly have no structured plans yet. I'm totally naive to this whole thing and I think I'll get the hang of it as I proceed. I'm thinking an average of 3-4 hours daily for the next month.

I purchased both AlogoExpert and SystemsExpert yesterday and I'm excited to start the exercises and mock tests.

I also started learning Python on the side yesterday. I'm documenting my learnings here.

As for the original codility link, I hope it doesn't expire. I can't even click on it because I'll fuck it up before I even start 😂.

My goal is to write a fellow up to this article with significant progress on my Data Structures & Algorithms.

Thanks for reading.