The way I think of Twitter

Twitter is a tricky place to be at.

It used to be easy to navigate a few years ago. At least for me. Then I was naive and not very exposed. I would tweet about new stuff I'm learning, helpful resources, and awesome projects I discovered.

But it's become different lately. I tweet less and it's become harder to interact with other developers there.

I think this is because I've gotten a little experienced than I was and it's hard for me to just tweet into thin air without caring about people on the other end.

I know huge amounts are designers and frontend engineers, and I try to limit my tweets to these walls.

Take, for instance, I started a personal project lately - to build an API. An API is a backend project which is totally out of my current focus of frontend engineering. I've found it difficult to say anything about this project on Twitter because I have fears of saying something totally different from what I use to say.

But this type of thinking is bad for me.

I think this is bad for 2 reasons

  • It's my Twitter: If someone follows you, it's because they want to hear what you have to say. Of course, it could influence what you say but It shouldn't really change it. Plus I can talk about anything I want to. Anyone can block or unfollow when they're tired.
  • I'm documenting my journey: I think this is the most important point - I should be documenting everything. My work is useless if no one sees it. My love for my work should make me talk about it all the time.

In the end, the content I put on Twitter is more helpful to me than to my audience. It helps me build the habit of showing my work which I think is the most important skill for creative people.

The way I should be using Twitter

  • Show what I'm working on (Most important)
  • Make friends and interact with people I find interesting
  • Learn about new stuff

Thinking of things this way changes everything.