Weekly Notes 002 [February, 7th - 14th]

  • Started the week by converting this API from last week to Typescript. I thought this was going to be the most difficult part of my week, but I got it done in under 4 hours. Typescript just gets easier by the day. PS: I'm writing an Introduction to Typescript series.
  • Something I really wanted to learn about this past week was best practices for API design. I use to think I know the basics of building APIs, since I was literally championing one from scratch at my previous company. It turned out I knew almost nothing 😂. I took out some time to look at some videos about API design. I'm writing a little note about that on this blog. But for now, you can check out this YouTube playlist I curated for API design best practices.
  • I also attempted another nodejs course. I got RESTful Web API Design alongside Node.js & React Node AWS. I was able to finish the first, but couldn't proceed with the second because I had issues with my AWS account. I hope to finish up this week.
  • On thursday, I had some burst of energy and decided to build a little API to practice my API skills. I spent about 5 hours and couldn't even ship an MVP. The project I was building was a work session tracker, I plan to continue working on it sometime in the future (or never).


I didn't get to listen to a lot of podcasts this week, but I really enjoyed this one.

  • Why I preach Hard work is a Foundational Layer for success - Most people do not resonate with Gary Vee's message. But I've been following him since 2018, and I've learned a lot from him. This episode talked about showing up consistently, putting yourself out there and treating people well.

Stuff I'm reading

GraphQL Image


  • Tabbied - Abstract, pre-made and customizable illustrations from our gallery.
  • Hacker Laws - Laws, Theories, Principles and Patterns that developers will find useful
  • Remotion - Create motion graphics in React 🤯

That would be all. It's great to have you, see you next week!

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