Weekly Notes 007 - Shipping Nodejs at Netlify, Design Systems Workshop & WhereAPI documentation

Hey, welcome to my weekly notes. I hope you find something interesting from my experiences this past week.

  • I started WhereAPI's documentation earlier this week (WIP). This is my first attempt to write documentation for a tool people might eventually use. Writing docs is so hard, but it's also a useful exercise.
  • I've also started building the client for where API. This will be the front-facing part of the project. Take a look here.
  • I'm starting another experiment this week. I'm building Avocado-ui, a design system for my side projects. Not anything grand, just something I can look back to and feel proud of. It's a very large project and I'll learn a lot. This makes me excited.
  • I took the Design Systems with Storybook & React workshop by Emma Bostian to get a good headstart. I learned a whole lot.

Stuff I'm reading



This past week was an exciting one for African music. Majorly because of the Grammys (3 Nigerians won this year πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰). That aside, I've found myself listening to everything from Justin Bieber's new album, Justice. I'm not a huge JB fan, but then, you can't ignore good music! My favorite songs are Love You Different and Loved by You.

See you guys next week πŸ‘‹