Weekly Notes 011 - Make It Work, Make It Right, Make It Fast. Converting Sentry’s Entire Frontend to TypeScript...

  • Theming Avocado: I spent 3 full days trying to make theming work on avocado-ui. Here's the truth; THEMING A DESIGN SYSTEM IS HARD. So I gave up and invested more time building Avatar & Image components. See the feat-theming branch.
  • Automatically generating changelogs: I learned to generate changelogs for avocado-ui. I also added a husky commit hook to ensure my commit messages conforms the conventional commits. This article was very helpful.
  • I implemented an RSS feed for my blog. Basically because my friend, Stefan pointed out he couldn't get updated when I publish. It got me wondering the number of people who use RSS feed readers. I also implemented it on my next starter, peacock. Plus Stefan writes lots of helpful web development articles. Checkout Stefan's website. RSS reader preview

Stuff I'm reading

  • Make It Work Make It Right Make It Fast: If something doesn't work, it's useless. No matter how fast or clean it is. I've had a hard time understanding this. Once an idea is in the process of manifesting, it's best to have only one goal; making it work. It's easier to make improvements when something works. From the article

    Here's my interpretation. First, crank out code that handles one common case (MakeItWork). Then fix all of the special cases, error handling, etc. so all tests pass (MakeItRight).

    • Get at least some of the stuff to work so you are getting feedback
    • From there, get everything to work so you have completed a chunk of functionality
    • Optional: make it go faster, but only if you need to.
  • Slow and Steady: Converting Sentry’s Entire Frontend to TypeScript: Last week, we saw the end of Google's rewrite of the dev tools in Typescript. I saw another article of Sentry's rewriting their whole frontend in Typescript. I can't imagine what it takes for large companies like this to rewrite codebases. But in most cases, it's the only way to reduce the pain of working in large codebases. Converting JS to TS (source: main article)

  • The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup: Anthony talks about his infrastructure for running PanelBear as a "one-man startup". The exciting thing in this article is that he spends about 2 hours per month managing infrastructure. That's a really productive setup. one-man-saas-architecture (Overview of Anthony's setup, Source: main article)

  • Issue 16 of Increment Magazine: Reliability: Increment magazine is a monthly publication from Stripe. Each issue dives deep into a particular topic and I love this format because there's a lot to learn from different topics. This issue has topics like

    • Testing beyond coverage
    • The process: Implementing Yelp’s failover strategy
    • On adaptive capacity in incident response

This issue shares approaches to reliability and resiliency in our software, technologies, and teams, and offers perspectives on the realities of failure in the systems we build.

  • Sadhguru on Impact Theory: I've known about Sadhguru for about 3 years now and some of his talks have changed my life. He talks about how people almost never think for themselves and over time, what people do become the norm; My biggest learning from this video is this.

    The more conclusions you make, the less alive you become.

  • Selective Ignorance: Arinze is a Product Designer at Facebook and I've been reading his blog for a while now. I learned a lot about focusing attention from reading this. Here's a paragraph from the article...

Attention is our most valuable resource because it’s the productive investment of our time and energy. It’s the process of selectively concentrating on a particular thing while ignoring other things that distract us.

  • Say Hello to CSS container Queries: Container queries were just announced last month or so. They can help us control the properties of an element based on the size of the container.



So there's this genre of music called Amapiano I've been listening to lately. Every Afrobeats artist is on this sound and it's soo good. Here's a few of my best

I'm praying for a lot of good things this week. Thanks for reading and have a great week 😊