Weekly Notes 019 - Rust from a JavaScript Perspective, The Plan for React 18 & AVIF Browser Support

  • I'm discovering my love for building tools. I wrote a little chrome extension to automate a LinkedIn task. It took 10 to 20 mins from conceiving the idea to having it working. I love this superpower!
  • Avocado - This week has been a super productive one. I've finally cracked up the theming puzzle 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼. It made me happy and increased my motivation to continue working on the project. Will take some time to try dark mode and put up a theming demo this coming week. I also added the Accordion & Separator components.
  • Practiced a bunch of algorithms on algoexpert. The more I learn to solve these algorithms, the more incompetent I feel. I couldn't even get anyone right. These are the beginner ones for f*ck's sake!!! More practice, I guess.

What I'm reading

  • Rust from a JavaScript perspective - This is the most beautiful piece I've read this past week. Rust sounds like a great language and I would love to learn it at some point. John's writing style is a healthy mix of humor and irony. I honestly didn't want this to end.

    Modern Rust appears pretty similar to modern JavaScript. You declare your variables with let, your functions look pretty similar, types aren’t a stranger because of TypeScript, there’s async/await, and overall it exhumes a sense of familiarity.

  • Automating the accessibility tests of your source code with GitHub Actions - This came right in time. Using Github to automate accessibility tests sounds like a great idea for design systems and other UI-focused projects. I've been thinking of ways to add accessibility tests to avocado. It's been so stressful to think about that I've resorted to relying on unit tests for now. I'll do a little research on this and see if anything changes.

  • Silicon Valley’s ‘Mission Protocol’ Revolution Is Beginning to Attain Critical Mass -An article about "mission protocol" companies. If you recall the Basecamp saga where they asked employees not to discuss political topics at the office. I don't know a lot about this, but I think the first step is to differentiate politics from human rights. If someone is being assaulted/oppressed at work, should they keep quiet??? I'm still yet to understand what this means.

  • Is Safari adding AVIF support in 2021? - AVIF is the newest image format that supports royalty-free images and compresses better. It's pretty new that only a few browsers support it. You can checkout the can I use. It turns out Safari is working on supporting it.

    Can I Use support for AVIF

Can I Use page for AVIF

What I'm watching


  • Zeitgeist - iOS app for managing and monitoring your Vercel builds.
  • Native UI - A Vue 3 Component Library. Fairly Complete, Customizable Themes, Uses TypeScript, Not Too Slow
  • RXChess- Chess-playing site built using React, Redux, RxJs (hence the name!), and a handful of other frontend technologies.
  • Astro - Build faster websites with less client-side Javascript

Kinda Interesting


I can't say how much of my happiness comes from music. It's something I'll forever be grateful for.

This week, I've been primarily listening to Oxlade. I found this beautiful playlist of all his songs. My current favorite is Weaknesss. I also got to listen to another song on my list - Early Momo by Vector/Good Girl LA.

Another person on my list is Rowlene. I found her from one of Oxlade's songs. I pray I find some great experience with her.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!!!