Weekly Resources - Week 1

  • The Computer Scientist Who Can’t Stop Telling Stories: An article about Donald Knuth, documenting his life works, how he loves to write stories and his enormously brilliant work on The Art of Programming
  • Changing World, Changing Mozilla: Article about the future of Mozilla, the areas they want to invest in and the rationale behind their recent layoffs.
  • Took some time to research react-spring. Awesome stuff 🔥
  • Storybook 6: Release article for Storybook 6. Awesome features including

    • Zero-config setup
    • Args: next-gen story format
    • Live editing with no code
    • Composition: combine Storybooks
    • Documentation overhaul
  • Making Sense of React-Spring: Article on CSS Tricks detailing how easy it is to craft animations with react-spring.
  • How I Became a Senior Javascript Developer With Personal Projects: An article on Dev.to about self-started projects. The best way to learn something deeply is to build something challenging.
  • Building a Design System Library An article by a designer at Lyft. He talks about how they moved their design system from sketch to Figma and shares his learnings along the way.
  • Serverless: I’m a Big Kid Now: Very very informative article comparing the differences, pros and cons of serverless containers and serverless computing.
  • The Twelve Factor App: A manifesto from the engineers at Heroku. It explains 12-factors that qualifies software (SAAS) as modern. A few requirements are compactibility with cloud deployment and easy navigation for new hires.
  • The History of Pets vs Cattle and How to Use the Analogy Properly: Article about the differences between server and serverless architectures using the Pets vs Cattle analogy. The old way of managing servers required us to handle them as precious pets: if one goes down, every hand has to be on deck to get it back up. The new way of managing servers is much like managing a herd of cattles. If one goes down, it is taken back and another takes its place.
  • How I Structure My CSS (for Now): Insightful read about how Matthias Ott structures his CSS. I generally think it’s a mix of BEM, OOCSS and a whole lot of methodologies for organising CSS.
  • Form Design Best Practices: A couple of best practices for form control UI design
  • React v17.0 Release Candidate: No New Features: React 17 doesn’t ship with any new developer facing features, but will make it easy to upgrade react itself. One major feature is the ability to effortlessly use more than one version of React in an app. This means, we can gradually update some parts of an application to more recent react versions.

Non Code Related