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WhereAPI is an API service for location-related functionality in African applications. It's also self-hosted and open-source. See the documentation site for information on setting up.

While working at a startup in 2017, there was one problem that really bothered us - Location. We spent weeks trying to collate and index a database of 32 states with their Local govt areas. Some had 12, some had 17, one had 44.

At my second job, we had to seed, maintain and constantly update a database of the same exact information - Countries, States and LGAs. This took a lot of time from actually building software.

This is why I’m building Where API - To help solve location-related problems for African developers.

Project Goals

  • Build an easy to use API service for accurate location-related information.
  • Understand good practices for designing and building API services.

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Check out the project readme for more information and progress with the project. Reach out on Twitter for inquires