Building Lightville's Online Home

Roles: Information Architecture, Experience Design, Frontend Engineering.

Tools: Figma, React, Gatsby, Netlify and Bread (Yes)

Duration: 4 Weeks (3 hours on weekdays)

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The Challenge

It's a known fact that law and consulting firms have terrible websites.

Lightville's founders are relatively young, energetic and more exposed to better user experiences on the web. So they didn't just need an online presence, but one to stand out and communicate something their brand values - Excellent Experiences.

About LightVille

Lightville is a one-stop shop for premium consultants of any kind. After having a conversation with one of the founders, I quickly understood the quality they needed to communicate.

After a few back and forth emails, documents, calls and discussions, I came up with a few designs and prototypes for reviews.

LightVille Wireframes Initial Wireframes

LightVille Designs High Fidelity Design

Lightville's project was right at the middle of the COVID pandemic so we only met once physically. After a lot of reviews, zoom calls, and corrections, we agreed on the visuals and content organization. The next steps were to flesh out the designs.


There were lots of concerns around making the site fast and responsive, so I suggested building with Gatsby, they agreed and we were set to go live in about 2 weeks.

About Page More High Fidelity Designs

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What the Founders had to say

He was contracted by my firm on a project and his deliverable was impeccable. His beautiful way of engaging his clients and making them have a fantastic experience while delivering his service is amazing. He doesn't stop there, his service is very holistic in that he doesn't just deliver the product and is off, he follows through even after delivery ensuring the product remains effective. Admirable support system he's got. - Faith, Corporate Attorney - LightVille


This was my first freelance experience and I didn't want to mess it up. Complicated by the fact that I had a full time job, it was very easy to miss deadlines and come off as unprofessional.

  • I learned to think a little deeper about accurately estimating projects, pricing myself and using spare time efficiently.
  • This project was during the COVID-19 pandemic/lockdown, so I only met once with the client. Every other interaction was either through Zoom, Watsapp or Mail. I learned a whole lot about communicating clearly.
  • I had to rely on my design skills to prototype and communicate visually.

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