Redesigning Smile

Smile Communications is one of Africa’s largest 4G LTE provider. Launched in 2007, Smile currently provides fast and reliable Internet and Voice Services for 4 countries in Africa; Tanzania, Nigeria, The Republic of Congo and Uganda.

Smile’s objective is to become the broadband provider of choice for SuperFast data and SuperClear voice as well as provide 300 million potential customers with fast, reliable and high-quality Internet Services.

Project Scope.

The Smile brand consists of offline and online touchpoints; A few offline shops scattered across the continent and an online dashboard that lets users manage their accounts.

Smile Desktop

Smile Desktop

The case study for this redesign was first published on Medium. I've decided not to bring in the case study into my site since it's quite outdated and design-focused. Please move over to medium to read the full article. Thanks 🙏