A little above half of my time with service workers have been spent reloading pages and restarting servers. But I took a bold step towards understanding their life cycle.

Did dinosaurs ever exist? I hope they didn't because humans don't like them around. Especially on Chrome when they can't find what they want on the internet.

Browser Support For PWAs

05 July, 2019PWAs

It's hard to hear about PWAs without being pumped up. But before you blow up, browser support for PWAs isn't 100%. Some PWAs features are inconsistent in different browsers.

Beyond Service Workers and manifest files, building PWAs involve thinking ways that deliver the best native-like features possible on the user's device.

Google recommends sites to load and be interactive in less than 5s. Only a few sites meet that target. The modern web makes it easier to build native-like experiences.

With 3.5Billion users on the internet, the Next Billion is coming on fast. But there's a problem; building for them is a novel and entirely exciting problem.

Hello World

01 July, 2019Updates

The first article on my personal blog. I cover the reason I write, what I'll be writing about and my old articles.