Hi there, welcome to my internet garden 🌵

My name is Victor, I have 3 years experience designing and building modern experiences on the web. I majorly work at the intersection of Product Design and Frontend Engineering (with React Typescript, Redux & React Native).

I work on side projects to explore new ares that excite me. I'm currently building Avocado-ui to learn about design systems and WhereAPI to learn about API/backend development with Graphql & AWS. My current goal is to strengthen my CS background and become a better engineer everyday. I do this by working in public, teaching the little I know and finding ways to learn new things.

I'm available for fulltime Software Engineering roles focused on Frontend & UI engineering, Design systems and Typescript. But I'm also open to exploring API development with NodeJS and my newly wedded bride, Python.

I publish weekly my learnings every Sunday. Feel free to read them. If you'd like a casual video chat, DM me on Twitter. or join my connection on LinkedIn. I'm so happy to have you. Thank you 😊.